Day 11 – Valentine’s Day Wreath


VDay Wreath Feature

Oh, how I love this Valentine’s Day wreath! It’s such a simple idea, and I just love the way mine turned out. In general, making wreaths isn’t the fastest process. In relation to other wreaths that I have made in the past, this was definitely the quickest and easiest to make. The original post has […]

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Day 10 – Inside-out Carrot Cake Muffins


muffin feature

I have been a huge fan of muffins lately. The little man loves them too so they don’t last very long in our house. This recipe combined one of my favorite cakes with my new-found love of muffins. It’s the inside-out carrot cake muffin. Tell me these don’t look delicious…I dare you! Yes, that’s cream […]

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Day 8 – Draped Vest


No Sew

When I originally pinned this draped vest, I did so no really believing there was no sewing involved. I didn’t think it would be possible to turn a men’s t-shirt into a draped vest without a sewing machine, but I pinned anyway. When I finally read through the directions and watched the helpful video, my […]

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Day 6 – Orange Candle


Turn an Orange into a Candle

A friend of mine actually threw this one my way. (Thanks, Jeannine!) These are orange candles. All you need is an orange, a knife, and a match. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Now I know why Jeannine passed it on to me. She just had to know if this really worked, and so […]

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Day 5 – Nutella Mug Cake


Mug Cake Feature

Happy Nutella Day! Yup, that’s right. It’s World Nutella Day. In honor of this wonderful day, I decided to whip up one of the Nutella recipes I have pinned. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing recipes for mug cakes all over the place. I’ve never tried them…until now! If you haven’t seen […]

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Day 4 – Peanut Butter Syrup


Syrup Feature

Today’s pin was a hidden gem. I found a pin for banana bread waffles which sounded delicious. As I was checking out the recipe, I noticed a brief description of the syrup she served with them. It was peanut butter syrup. As I have many times during my Pinterest travels, I wondered to myself, “Why […]

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