Author: Kirsten

Day 3 – Chalkboard Wine Glasses



As a tribute to my sister on her birthday, (Happy Birthday, Kate!) I will be showcasing the fabulous chalkboard wine glasses that I made for her. How fun are they?! I remember seeing a few different variations of this project during my Pinterest travels. I decided to try the method where you actually dip the […]

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Day 2 – Pushing Puff Balls


Puff Ball Feature

Today’s project was for the little man of the house. The idea is that you take an old plastic container, cut some holes in the top, and get some puff balls that they can push through the holes. Easy enough, right? It’s supposed to be good for developing their fine motor skills. I worked on […]

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Day 1 – Perpetual Calendar



Let me begin by saying that I have never been as excited about a pin as I was with this one. My sister was the one to spot it so I have to thank her for her sweet pinning skills. When I saw it on one of her boards, I literally got butterflies. Meet the […]

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My Pinterest Project


Do you remember how you used to feel the day before your first day of school? You know the feeling. You would take hours to pick out your perfect outfit and then lay awake wondering what the coming year had in store for you. Wait, was that just me? Well, that pretty much sums me […]

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