Starting Seeds in Muffin Tins


I’ll be honest; I kind of have a black thumb. My mom has pots upon pots filled with gorgeous African violets. For about ten years now, she has been giving me a new plant every so often. I too should now have pots upon pots filled with gorgeous African violets. I do not. Somehow though, I have one. This past year seems to have been my lucky year and I feel as though I am turning a corner. My African violet is thriving and I have even started my own tomato and zucchini plants from seeds. And they have actually sprouted! I’m trying not to get too excited though. I still have plenty of time to kill them before they are ready to harvest.

Seed Starting

I loved this idea for starting seeds. You line a muffin tin with paper liners and fill them with dirt. Plant your seeds, give them a little water, and pop the lid on top. Keep the tin in the shade and keep lid on until the seeds sprout. Once they have sprouted, remove the lid and place them in the sun. Once your seedlings are strong enough to venture outside, pull them out and plant them – paper liner and all!

My zucchini outgrew the tin much faster than the tomato, but both are doing well so far. I’m not digging up my yard until I know I can keep things alive, so these guys are in pots. Let’s hope they do well!




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  1. Good luck!!! I just buy seedlings from the store and plant directly in my garden. Maybe I’ll get around to trying seeds one time, but for now this is just easier. Our garden is looking great so far!

    • I know, Anne. I don’t know why I make things harder on myself by trying to start them from seeds. I think the fact that the little man loves watching them sprout keeps me trying. I need to just buy seedlings from the store and try my luck with those. I think I would be much more successful!

  2. Love this hint. Thanks for sharing. Will try.

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