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I was chatting with one of the other preschool moms the other day and she was asking me what new Pinterest projects I was working on. I told her I was actually prepping for a teacher appreciation gift. She asked which one, so I asked her if she had ever seen the plants or flowers with the “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” sign in them. She sure had. She was planning the same gift! Whoops.

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If you have ever searched for teacher appreciation gifts before, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this one. It’s super cute and odds are that if you decide to make this, another student will probably be arriving with the same gift. The good news? Teachers aren’t going to complain about getting too many flowers!

Whether it’s with flowers or even a simple card, please thank your teachers this week. They are amazing people and do so much for our children. Make sure you let them know how appreciated they are!

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