Valentine’s Day Gift for Teachers


We have a lot of family dance parties around here. And I mean a lot. We are usually rockin out to our Disney and Veggie Tales Pandora station. It’s a favorite around here. It’s insane how many Disney songs I know all the words to. Scratch that. It’s pretty awesome how many Disney songs I know all the words to.

Every once in a while though, Mommy gets to choose the Pandora station. That usually only happens when I’m cleaning and the boys are otherwise occupied. My first choice is always my Imagine Dragons station.

The other day, the OneRepublic song “I Lived” came on. I’ve always really liked this song, so I snatched up my little munchkin and started dancing and singing with him. Now I’ve sang this song quite a few times, but this time I was singing it with my 22 month old in my arms. Some of you moms out there can probably guess what happened next. I started sobbing, straight up sobbing. The words in that song hit me like they never have before, and I was a mess. Right there in the middle of the kitchen, I realized I could have written those words myself. What other song can make me sob and want to dance at the same time?! What is that?!

Whether my boys are with me or not, I still cry every time I hear that song. They are growing up way too fast.

Exibit #453, Valentine’s Day gifts for the little man’s preschool teachers. Craziness. How is he old enough to be making valentine’s already? We spent the afternoon yesterday getting some goodies ready for his teachers and classmates.

We didn’t do anything Pinterest inspired for his classmates, but his teachers got these sweet Pinterest inspired soaps!

So cute! And who doesn’t love a hand soap from Bath & Body Works? His teachers were so grateful. They are amazing ladies and we were happy to give them a little something to show them we love them.

And if you are interested, I even made a free printable that you can print at home to make your own. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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