Pencil Cases for Puzzle Storage


When it comes to organization, I’m always looking for new ideas. I especially love organizational tips that I can apply to the kids’ playroom. Our little man is a dumper. He loves dumping his toy bins just to see everything tumble out. He has gotten better with this, but that’s probably because spring has finally sprung around here and we are spending more time outside. Because of his love of dumping, we always kept puzzles out of his reach. Now I don’t have to do that!

Each pencil case holds the pieces to one of his puzzles. The only problem is that the pencil cases don’t have windows to see inside. I wasn’t willing to spend the extra money on fancy pencil cases though. I got these at the dollar store. I think Ziploc bags would work just as well though. As our puzzle collection grows, I’m just going to use those. The concept is great though. I love this storage method!

The Navy Stripe (She has lots of other tips too!)


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  1. Hi Kirsten, nice to see you back. I also use these pencil cases (although mine are Vera Bradley ;)) to hold coupons in my handbag. Do you put anything on the outside to identify what puzzle is in the case? Have a great weekend!

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