Day 363 – WD-40 to Remove Crayon


Did you know that WD-40 removes crayon marks from walls? I knew I would be putting this tip to use one day, and that day just arrived. The little man was testing the limits and swiped the wall with his crayon. He quickly learned crayon doesn’t belong on the wall, but I was left with a streak of crayon to remove.

Luckily, the WD-40 worked like a charm. My husband sprayed a little on a paper towel and lightly rubbed the mark. It came right off! There’s no damage to the paint either. Win, win!

Real Simple


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  1. Now that, I did NOT know… and I really needed that tip, because one of my dear darling daughters COVERED our wall in crayon streaks one day when I was making dinner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. toothpaste also works wonders! Just put a little on a rag and the crayon comes right out! smells nice too.

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