Day 357 – PVC Tub Fun


As soon as I saw this pin, I knew the little man would be all over it. It’s such a great idea! Use PVC pipes to make a fun bath toy that your kids can pour water into.


various PVC pipes – elbows and T’s
suction cups


1. Remove any clips or hooks from your suction cups.

2. Choose a drill bit about the same size as the indented part of the suction cup. It should be smaller than the piece on the end. Otherwise, the suction cup won’t stay in place.

3. If you have small suction cups, you’ll probably want to use two suction cups on each of your PVC pieces. I bought large ones so I only needed one suction cup to hold up each piece of PVC. Drill as many holes as needed into your pipe.

4. Wedge in the suction cups. Use a flat-head screwdriver to help you work them in there.

5. Stick them to your bathroom wall or tub.

I was really excited to put these together. I bought all the materials and pulled out the drill to get started. I then realized that we were missing a piece to our drill. Grrr! I started thinking about how else I could attach the suction cups. Super glue! I decided to give it a shot to see how they would hold up. Some of the suction cups popped off as soon as the little man tried to grab the pipes off the wall. The others are holding up well though. You just can’t pull them off the wall by the PVC pipe. You have to peel the suction cup off the wall carefully. I still want to drill the holes once we find the missing piece of the drill because I know they will hold up much better, but the super glue will do in the meantime.

The Brooding Hen


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