Day 353 – Snowman Mason Jar


I love this Snowman Mason Jar! As I mentioned before, I get very depressed when I have to put all of my Christmas decorations away. It’s why I love snowmen so much. I can keep them out all winter so the house doesn’t look completely bare when the Christmas decorations are packed away. I was really excited to make this cute snowman. It was super easy to make too!


glue gun
mason jar
white yarn
any buttons you have laying around (the more mismatched the better)
felt or ribbon


1. Using a glue gun, put a ring of glue around the bottom of the mason jar.
2. Press yarn against the glue ring.
3. Continue to wrap the yarn around the jar tightly. Don’t pull too tightly though, the yarn will start to bunch.
4. Stop at the center of the jar, and snip your yarn with scissors.
5. Glue the end to the back of the jar center.
6. Using the glue gun, glue a ring around the top of the jar.
7. Press a new piece of yarn against this ring.
8. Continue to wrap yarn around the jar until it meets the piece of yarn you glued previously.
9. Glue this end to the back center of the jar.
10. Glue on buttons to the front of the jar.
11. Fold a piece of long felt or ribbon in half.
12. While folded, wrap it around the top of the jar.
13. Tuck end pieces through the felt/ribbon loop.
14. If not secure, glue the felt/ribbon to the top of the jar.

My felt wasn’t long enough to fold in half and tuck through, but I think it still works. The pin suggests using this as a candle holder, vase, or drinking glass. While it would be cool to use this as a drinking glass, how the heck would you clean it? I’ll be using mine as a candle holder.

Saucy Pants


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  1. you could top it off with a white ornament decorated for the face or a clear one with “snow” sprayed on it, then decorated with face. Many possibilities….

  2. This idea is so cute!!! i love mason jars already but now this idea makes it better!! 🙂

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