Day 312 – Invitation Ornament


I first attempted this pin last year after my sister’s wedding. You take an invitation, cut it into strips, curl them, and put them in a glass ornament. It’s so easy and such a fun way to display a wedding invitation, or any invitation. I gave this another shot today for my friend, Kayte’s, bridal shower. Since we didn’t have her wedding invitation yet, I used her shower invitation instead.


1. Cut the invitation into strips. I kept one line of text on each strip. They need to be thin enough to fit through the hole of the ornament, so your width requirements could differ depending on your ornament.

2. Wrap the strip around a pencil with the text facing out. This will give the paper a little curl. Depending on the type of paper you are working with, you may need to use scissors to give it more of a curl. You might want to test this on a scrap piece first though because scissors can be rough on delicate paper.

3. Thread the curled pieces into your ornament and give them a little shake to help them settle.

Your results for this project will vary depending on the type of paper you are working with. This paper didn’t curl as well as others that I have worked with, but I still like how it turned out. I used it as a present topper for her gift. It would make a great present topper for Christmas presents too if you have any newlyweds on your list!

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