Day 284 – Quote Book


The little man is only two, so I know that all of the hilarious things that come out of his mouth are only the beginning. I knew I wanted to have this cute quote book ready to go, so we could enjoy his crazy comments for years to come. Each page contains text bubbles and a place to write your child’s age. I can’t wait to fill this up!

Everything you need for this fun project is provided on the kINDERPENDENT blog. She provides the images you need and explains how to arrange them. If you like the blue and would just like to print mine, feel free! I wish I would have used cardstock for the first page (the cover) to make it a little more durable. I would suggest that if you are thinking about making one. Otherwise, I’m really excited about this pin!



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  1. I really wanted to try this but the blog has been deleted. Will you post more instructions on how to use this.

    • Oh no!! That’s really sad. I don’t have any of the materials still saved on my computer, but you can use my link near the bottom of the post to print your own. If you print mine, just print the pages double sided and fold them into a booklet.

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