Day 264 – Kids Halloween Crafts


We had a rainy day the other day, so we pulled out the crafts. The little man is loving ghosts this Halloween, so I knew I wanted to try this fun ghost craft.

Card stock cut into a ghost shape
Black paper
Cotton balls
Hole puncher
Yarn or ribbon

I gave the little man a bowl of glue and a pile of cotton balls. He dipped each cotton ball in the glue and stuck it to the ghost.

You could also cover the ghost in glue and just stuck the cotton balls all over it. Then, I cut eyes and a mouth out of black paper and glued them on. When it dried, I punched holes in the back so I could hang it up by the ribbon.

This was also posted with a really cute spider craft. You paint a black circle, then use their little hand prints as the legs. For as much as the little man loves playing in the mud, digging in the dirt, and jumping in puddles, he hates when his hands are dirty. So, when I tried to cover his hands in black paint, he totally freaked out. The spider was a fail, but he is quite proud of his happy ghost!

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  1. Cute! Reminds me of the ghosts in Pac-Man!

  2. that’s so cute I am going to make it and hang to scare my friends HA HA HA

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