Day 234 – DIY Magnet Board


Our poor little man has so many magnets and nowhere to put them. Our refrigerator isn’t magnetic, so he’s out of luck there. I made him a great chalkboard wall in his playroom last year using chalkboard paint. That stuff is great! Do you know what isn’t? The magnetic paint that I put underneath. That stuff is junk and garbage. Don’t waste your money on it. It barely holds up dollar store letters. So, I was all over this pin.

Apparently, oil drip pans make great magnet boards. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know because it was impossible to find one. I was able to improvise though. I found pre-cut sheet metal at Ace that I was able to use instead.

The corners were a little sharp, so I sanded them slightly with some sandpaper. I drilled four holes in the corners and screwed it to the wall. Bam – magnet board!

Nic and Kate


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  1. I wonder…if you painted the sheet metal with chalkboard paint & framed it, it would work as a magnetic chalkboard, no? Great idea! xo

  2. where did you get your letter magnets, I cant find them anywhere!

  3. ITA! That magnetic paint under the chalk board paint sucked!!!

  4. Great minds think alike:) My friend made a similar sheet metal magnet board – she covered the sharp edges of hers with scrap fabric and pretty duct tape. More on that, and a link to your post above, here:)

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