Day 233 – Unlock a Car with a Tennis Ball


Have you seen this one? The pin claims that you can unlock a car door using a tennis ball. Does it sound too ridiculous to be true? That’s because it is. I decided to give it a try because a friend of mine, Karen, wanted to know if it worked. I was curious too after seeing the video.


tennis ball
X-Acto knife


1. Cut a small hole in a tennis ball. I used an X-Acto knife, but the video suggested poking it with a hot screwdriver. No thanks!

2. Place the hole of the tennis ball over the lock on your car door. Push the tennis ball, forcing the air out of the ball and into the lock. You should hear the popping sound of your car door unlocking.

One of my fabulous Pinterest followers, Julie, actually saw this one busted in Mythbusters too. If they can’t do it, it pretty much can’t be done. Don’t you think there would be a lot more cars being broken into if this one actually worked?!



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