Day 227 – Pregnancy Announcement


I didn’t have Pinterest when I found out I was pregnant with the little man, so I didn’t know about all of these fun and creative ways to share the news. Luckily, there are just as many ways to share the news for #2! 🙂

How fun is this shirt?! As soon as I saw it, I knew this was how we would reveal the news when we were pregnant again.

Unfortunately, she didn’t provide directions about how to make the shirt on the blog, so I had to figure that out myself. I decided to take the easy way and use the iron-on fabric sheets. I created the design in Paint Shop and ironed it on a plain while t-shirt I picked up from Target.

I think it turned out really well for an iron-on. It was definitely a big hit with our family and friends!

Now that I’m just about out of my first trimester, I’ll be getting back to more recipes and crafts. Some of you have probably noticed that I’ve been choosing the easiest pins possible recently. That’s because I’ve had about zero energy, but hopefully that will be returning soon. Thank you for bearing with me in the meantime!

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  1. Congrats on your little one to be! Cute shirt too!

  2. Very clever & fun!! Congratulations to you and your family.

  3. Congrats 🙂 So happy for you and your family! How is your little man taking the news?

  4. Love it!!! Congrats!!!!

  5. Congratulations on #2!! How exciting!! Sorry to break it to you, but your life is about to get sooo much harder! But it’s fun too. I had my #2 almost 16 months ago. It’s a crazy, whirlwind ride with two little ones! The first year of #2 goes by twice as fast as the first year of #1.
    You made such a cute shirt! I also announced my second pregnancy with a t-shirt I made for my son. Went to dinner with my in-laws and just let them figure it out! Then again with my family a week later. So fun!
    (Then I posted my design on zazzle and now many other people have customized it for their little guys too! or girls:

  6. Thank you all for the well wishes!

  7. Congratulations! What a cute way to make the announcement. Wishing you a smooth pregnancy.

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