Day 220 – Mason Jar Blender


I pinned this trick a while ago but forgot about it. Apparently, you can use a standard sized mason jar on most blenders. I decided to give this little trick a try while whipping up a smoothie.

You simply screw the base of your blender to your mason jar and blend as you normally would.

This worked like a charm. It makes for a much easier cleanup too when I’m just making something small.

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  1. I do this all the time since my blender jar got a crack down the side… I love it! And if you have some left in the mason jar when you are done, it’s super easy to just pop a lid on it and put it in the fridge. =)

  2. I have the cuisinart blender pictured, I know a mason jar screws onto the blender base, but mine didn’t go on all the way. the seal was loose. Just wondering if it would leak.

  3. World’s first youtube video showing those who might want to use a wide mouth Mason, Kerr or Ball jar in place of regular.

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