Day 213 – Soap as Mosquito Bite Soother


This is one that definitely makes you think, “Does this really work??” The answer is no. This didn’t work at all. Not for me at least. I really wanted it to work too. Mosquitoes love me. I can be outside for a few seconds to grab something and come back in with at least one mosquito bite. It’s ridiculous.

Apparently, you are supposed to be able to take a dry bar of soap and rub in on a mosquito bite for immediate relief. Any soap is supposed to work, so I used Dove.

I got two different bites around the same time so I tried the soap on one and left the other alone so I could compare. Sadly, there was no difference. Both were still itchy and annoying.

Maybe this will work for you though. It’s worth a try since everyone has a bar of soap laying around. Let me know if you have more luck!

One Ordinary Day


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  1. My sister told me about this recently so I tried this weekend and it did not work for me either…

  2. I always use toothpaste on my mosquito bites. I recently came across something (though can’t remember for the life of me where I read it) that says you need to cut the oxygen supply to the bite. It suggested covering it with a piece of scotch tape or cover it with clear polish.
    My sister tried the polish method and she said it worked really well. 🙂

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