Day 206 – Baby Powder to Remove Sand


Here’s a good tip for you sandbox owners and beach goers. Baby powder easily removes sand from your skin. I’m not saying it’s a good way to get all of the sand off of a sandy kid after a day of playing on the beach, but it’s great after a walk on the beach or a quick jump in the sandbox.

Just sprinkle some baby powder on the sandy area and wipe away. I wish I would have known about this last year when the little man was smaller and wasn’t as sand covered at the end of a beach day. Oh well!

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  1. I just recently went to the beach with some kiddos and we used baby powder on them to remove all the wet sand. It works GREAT. Just sprinkle and wipe. And they smell good too.

  2. We used this tip at the beach this year too! We had a sand trail to walk between our rental and the beach, so once we got off the beach access ramp we just dumped a bunch on our feet and by the time we got home the sand had worked itself off! Powder is definitely a part of our beach bag from now on!

  3. This is really awesome to have the baby girl products into markets.

  4. Please research on baby powder and toxicity to children if inhaled. The APA recommends not even using it to dust our babies bottoms.

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