Day 201 – Built-In Gift Card

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We celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday this weekend. If you are thinking that she’ll be horrified that I’m telling everyone how old she is, you’re wrong. Why? She still gets carded. That’s right. She was carded just last week while ordering a beer. The waiter looked at her and with all seriousness said, “I need to see ID from anyone under 30.” She’ll be telling that story for the rest of her life. I just hope those genes were passed on to me.

When wrapping her present, I decided to try this new wrapping technique. It gives you a little pocket for your card. How fun is that?!


1. Cut paper a few inches larger than the amount needed to wrap the item. Fold paper in half, pattern side in.

2. Fold top layer of paper back partially creating a pocket of desired depth; press to crease. I made my crease in the middle as indicated, but next time I’ll move it down a little. My card stuck up from the top a little bit, so I want the crease farther down next time.

3. Wrap and tape presents as you normally would, keeping the pocket fold in place. Decorate the pocket with ribbon, cord, or other trim.

I will be wrapping all of my presents like this from now on. I absolutely love it!

Martha Stewart


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  1. Wow! That’s brilliant!!

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