Day 199 – Make Your Razor Last Longer


I know I don’t have to tell you that razors are super expensive. I’ve been known to use mine way past when I should because I hate buying new ones, so I was all over this pin.

By applying baby oil to your razor before you shave, your razor should last longer.

Honestly, it’s going to be really hard to give you my opinion on this one. Like I said, I use razors way longer than most people so I’m not bothered by a razor that’s a little dull. I think this is definitely worth a try though. If anything, it makes for a smoother shave because of the oil coating the razor.

Has anyone else tried this one and had success with it?

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  1. I haven’t, but I could – I have some baby oil gel in the shower that I like to use before toweling off. That stuff is awesome, and so inexpensive! You hardly need lotion at all afterwards. So I’ll spare some for my razor and see how it goes. But I’m like you – I don’t really care that much if they’re a little dull.

  2. Hello just stumbled across your blog and thought I’d chime in. I use baby oil as my shave gel with amazing results! Not only do I no longer get razor burn but I change my blades less often. Cheaper than shave gel!

  3. I actually had the opposite experience from what everyone has been saying. I felt that the baby oil left my razor filled with a “gunk” that seemed to dull it more quickly. (I know that this is an older post, but I wanted to weigh in!)

  4. Oil will gunk up the blade and be very messy in the tub/sink. A much better solution is just to keep the blade sharp by preventing oxidation. This should make one blade last 2-4 months depending on use:

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