Day 193 – Coke as Toilet Bowl Cleaner


This pin is pretty disturbing. Did you know that Coke will clean your toilet? Yes, the same stuff that millions of Americans drink every day will clean your toilet just as well as most toilet bowl cleaners.

It was by chance that we even had Coke in our house. It had been in our basement since the little man’s first birthday party 10 months ago. That’s how often we drink soda.

The pin claimed that pouring Coke in your toilet and letting it sit for at least one hour would leave it sparkling. I let mine sit for about 3 hours and I was shocked by the results. I let the toilet get good and dirty to really put this one to the test.



I don’t know how anyone could still drink this stuff after seeing this. If this is what it does to a toilet, imagine what it’s doing to your stomach.




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  1. Any idea if diet Coke works? I think the regular stuff would promote bacterial growth with all that sugar.

  2. What’s funny is I knew from growing up it eats battery acid and I still drank it. I use to always clean my dirty terminals on my car battery with it.

  3. Hmmm. I had been hoping to try this one on Practice What You Pinterest, but hadn’t gotten around to buying the Coke. My biggest concern is about the germs. It may look clean, but can Coke kill the germs that live in your toilet? I’m guessing that it doesn’t.

  4. Mythbusters did a show on this basic idea (Google “Mythbusters cola myths” no quotes). If I’m remembering correctly, it’s the carbonation and citric acid (I think) that “cleans” – and it won’t work well on all types of messes. Too much sugar is bad for you, but otherwise Coke is pretty innocuous. probably has a run down on cola too. It’s an easy, appealing target but not bad for the reasons you suggest.

  5. More disturbing is that police officers once carried around gallons of coca-cola to clean blood stains off highways from accidents.

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