Day 169 – New Use for Cupcake Liners


This pin made its rounds on Pinterest a few months ago and it waited patiently on my board until the weather warmed up enough to actually try it out. Now that summer is in full swing, I knew it was time to try it.

It’s super simple. All you need is a glass, a straw, and a cupcake liner. What you get is a really cute and fun way to keep the bugs out of your drink. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Sadly, I was very disappointed in this one. Have you ever compared the size of a cupcake liner to the size of the mouth of a glass? The cupcake liner is way smaller. It will sit on top, but it just pops right back off. I couldn’t even pick up the glass without it popping off. Fail!

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  1. This might be a fail but it game me an idea! How about using some press and go plastic wrap and making a small hole for your straw. I’m desperate enough! I hate bugs getting in my drink!

  2. I decided to try this and it worked very well for me. Although I pressed the cupcake liner down around the glass and it formed to it perfectly and stayed in place =)

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