Day 166 – Dusting with Dryer Sheets

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Cleaning baseboards has to be one of the worst household chores imaginable. When I saw this pin claiming that you can stretch the time between cleanings with one simple tip, I decided it was worth a shot.



I usually just vacuum my baseboards as I’m vacuuming the floors, but once a year they usually need a good cleaning. I started by vacuuming as usual, then I wiped them down with an all-purpose cleaner. I love Method’s all-purpose cleaner, so that’s what I used. Here comes the secret. After they dry, wipe them with a dryer sheet. This is supposed to help repel the dust so you don’t need to clean them as often.

I cleaned my baseboards a month ago and decided I would wait to post this so I could report on the results. I didn’t rub the dryer sheet on a couple of the baseboards so I could compare. Unfortunately, there’s not much to report after a month. I still vacuum them as usual so I suppose I might not see a difference right away. She did suggest rubbing them with a dryer sheet after each vacuuming too, but I won’t be doing that. I would rather scrub them down once a year than rub them with a dryer sheet every time I vacuum.

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  1. did this one as well, not sure if it really worked like you were saying, but it was worth a shot! I’m always up to try new cleaning tricks 🙂

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