Day 142 – Wreath from Foam Tubing


You have probably seen this tip floating around Pinterest. If you like making wreaths, it seemed like a really great tip. It claims that you can use foam tubing, that is usually used for plumbing, to make a wreath. Those of you that make wreaths know how expensive the foam craft wreaths can be. Could you really just use foam tubing that costs under a dollar? It seemed too good to be true.

It was.

This seemed really promising when I first made the wreath. I cut the tubing to the length I wanted, then used duct tape to secure the circle. It held its shape for a while, but then the tubing started to collapse on the one side. I think the problem is that the foam is too thin. Since it’s hollow, it isn’t able to hold its shape when bent. I was sad this one didn’t work, especially since it took forever just to wrap that amount of yarn around it.

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  1. I used to use the craft styrofoam for wrapped wreaths, but I’ve found that the plastic-wrapped straw wreaths are CHEAP & the plastic helps keep the mess of the straw non-existent! (The styrofoam ones get messy too, so I loved the plastic wrapped one!) I wrapped mine in yarn, and you can’t see a think beneath it!

  2. Big pool noodles work soooooo much better as long as you duct tape the ends together tightly.

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