Day 118 – Wine Cork Centerpiece


I love collecting wine corks. There’s nothing more disappointing than opening up a bottle of wine only to discover that they used one of those fake plastic corks. Sadly, that’s happening more and more as the price of cork keeps going up. Luckily, my collection continues to grow. I display most of my collection in a glass hurricane vase in my kitchen. That quickly filled up though, so I started keeping them in bags until I had enough for my next cork project. Then I saw this pin.

It’s such a simple idea! I now have a new way to display my collection. I already had the tray and candles out on display in our dining room. I’m actually surprised I never thought to do this myself. Thanks, Pinterest!

Morning T


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  1. This looks so lovely! I bet you could walk into Pier One right now and find something similar to this with a price tag of $80orUp slapped on it. Fantastic work.

  2. I need somebody to start saving wine corks for me! There are so many awesome Pinterest projects involving them. Love this!

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