Day 90 – Fix Furniture Dings with a Walnut


Are you as skeptical about this one as I was? Apparently, you can cover scratches and dings on wood furniture by rubbing them with a walnut. The pictures on the pin were very convincing, so I had to try it.


wood furniture with a ding/scratch


Rub the walnut on the damaged area of the wood. You should see the area begin to darken. That’s seriously all you need to do.

Here is my furniture before:

Here is my furniture after:

As you can see, I couldn’t get this to work for me. I’m not sure that it works on dark wood. The pictures on the pin feature much lighter wood. Unfortunately, I don’t have much light wood in my house so I couldn’t try it on anything else. Oh well! Has anyone else tried this one yet?

Apartment Therapy


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  1. maybe, if you do it several times since it does look a bit darker.

  2. Theres a product called Tibet Almond Stick I use on furniture dings..way better than this. IT can be found in Ace Harware stores or the like. Heres the website
    One stick has lasted me so far about 14 years.
    Nothing will help deep scratches or dings though.

  3. If you break the walnut in half and rub the inside against the damage it may work better. It worked on my furniture!

  4. It worked wonders on my furniture. It might have to do with chunks of wood seeming to be missing from your furniture, I have some pieces where that’s the case and it didn’t work, but where the wood is still all there it worked beautifully.
    Another trick is to put a wet towel over the area and then iron it. The moisture draws out the wood and it’s like new again.

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