Day 85 – DIY Tub and Shower Spray


Cleaning the bathroom is easily my least favorite cleaning chore. We have a standing shower in our master bathroom and cleaning it is such a pain. The doors are the worst. I refuse to stand in there with the shower door closed, breathing in cleaning fumes.

Pinterest has introduced me to the cleaning power of many different household items such as vinegar, Dawn, and hydrogen peroxide. I wasn’t surprised when I saw two of those ingredients featured in this tub and shower spray.


spray bottle
12 oz white vinegar
12 oz Dawn (the blue variety was recommended)


1. Heat vinegar in microwave until hot and pour into squirt bottle. One minute and 45 seconds was all it needed in my microwave.

2. Add the Dawn soap. Put the lid on and gently shake to incorporate. (I didn’t shake the bottle. I just gently swayed it back and forth until it was incorporated so it didn’t get too sudsy.)

The pin claims that this wonderful concoction will melt soap scum and tub and shower buildup, clean sinks, appliances and just about anything. Just spray it on, scrub, and rinse. For tough soap scum build-up, spray the mixture on and allow it to sit as long as overnight. Then, scrub and rinse. A few comments mentioned that this stuff works so well that they don’t even have to scrub. I haven’t tried that yet, but I can say that it didn’t take much scrubbing to clean my shower. I also didn’t have to feel like I was choking on chemical fumes while I was cleaning. Wohoo!



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  1. Hmm, I might give it a try too. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the vinegar smell either! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on hazelnutcrafts and commented:
    Awesome post!!! I will be doing this

  3. Does it have to be warm when you use it or just when you make it initially?

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