Day 65 – “Miracle” Kitchen Cleaner


You’ve probably seen this pin before. It shows a picture of a baking sheet. One side is gunky from years of use while the other side looks almost like new. I knew I had to give this one a try. All you need is baking soda and peroxide.

I started with a stainless steel skillet that has managed to get pretty nasty. No matter how many times I washed it, it just didn’t get fully clean. Here is what it looked like before:

I took about 1/4 a cup of baking soda and added a few drops of hydrogen peroxide at a time until I had a thick paste.

I used a sponge to scrub the skillet, then I gave it a good rinse.

Success! Since I still had a good amount of paste left, I decided to see what else I could clean. Since cookie sheets were mentioned in the original pin, I decided to try those. I didn’t even bother with pictures because it literally did nothing. Unlike the cookie sheets in the original pin, mine were non-stick. I don’t think this cleaning method works on non-stick surfaces. Oh well, at least I have a clean skillet!

One Good Thing


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  1. How long do you have to keep it on? Didn’t work after 1/2 hour.

    • I didn’t let it sit on there. I just rubbed the paste around and rinsed. Make sure your peroxide hasn’t expired. I have heard that it doesn’t work with expired peroxide.

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