Day 57 – Wine Glass Lights


This is a super easy and really cute table accent. All you need is a few wine glasses, tea light candles, and chandelier lamp shades.

I think the best wine glasses to use are tall ones. The one in the back is actually a champagne flute. They work well too. You can see that the wineglass in front is one of my Chalkboard Wine Glasses. I’m still thoroughly enjoying those!

Once you have your wine glasses picked out, just plop a tea light candle inside and put the shade on top.

I think these will make a great addition to our patio table while we enjoy some wine on a nice summer evening!

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  1. I found this one the other day and yours turned out so cute! Where did you find the shades?

  2. I love this idea!! Especially for an outdoor table in the summertime like you had mentioned! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This is a great idea. Even without the shade they look cute! Who knew? 🙂

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