Day 56 – How to Clean Your Dishwasher


The dishwasher isn’t the first appliance that I think to tackle when I’m on a cleaning spree. Actually, it’s definitely the last. Shouldn’t it just clean itself while it’s cleaning the dishes? Apparently not. I present to you, Exhibit A.

Gross! I decided to give this pin a try. I’ve had a lot of success with some of my other cleaning pins. I’m looking at you, “Only Spot Remover You’ll Ever Need!”

Here is what you need:

baking soda


1. Put some plain white vinegar in a dishwasher safe cup and place it on the top rack. Nothing else should be in there with it. Run your dishwasher through a complete cycle using the hottest water possible.

2. When that cycle is complete, remove the cup and inspect. This step is mostly for sanitizing and removing that musty dishwasher smell so you might not see too many results yet. I know I didn’t.

3. Next, sprinkle a cup of baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher again through a short, but complete cycle using the hottest water possible.

4. Now, this is the part where you open your dishwasher and gasp in awe of the cleanliness.

As you can see, there were no gasps of awe over here. I wasn’t too impressed with this one. It did an okay job, but it didn’t get through the tough grime. Considering all the hot water I used, I hoped for better results. Maybe there’s another pin out there with a different method. Has anyone had success with anything different?

One Good Thing


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  1. Hi Kirsten,
    When I first read about this, I couldn’t use my dishwasher because it kept leaking water out of the front. I tried this method and I can now use my dishwasher with no problem! Apparently my dishwasher had a lot of gunk around the bottom of the door and the vinegar and baking soda totally got rid of it. Sorry that it didn’t work as well for you. 🙁
    I’m really enjoying your posts.
    Francine Brooks

  2. Too bad it didn’t work! I’ve used a dishwasher cleaner from the grocery store. It’s just one bottle that you puncture a small hole in the top, place in an empty dishwasher and run a full cycle. Seemed to work for me. I think the brand was Finish.

  3. A friend has used this method. It uses a lot more elbow grease but apparently worked wonders.

  4. After you sprinkle the baking soda in the bottom spray withwater bottle with hot soapy water {LIGHT soap} till pasty and let sit for about 15 to 20 minutes and then run in the hottest cycle.

  5. I have used lemonade cool aid to clean my dishwasher and I worked so well that I won’t let my kids drink it!!

  6. Citric acid or Lemi Shine (brand name, basically just citric acid) will clean your dishwasher or your washing machine… I have seen Lemi Shine at a few stores (True Value and Walmart), I bought plain old citric acid through, it was pretty inexpensive. Plus you can use it to keep apple slices from browning if you want to be a super homemaker.

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