Day 53 – DIY Finger Paints


After the tub crayon flop, I decided to try making some finger paints for the little man. I’m happy to report that these were much easier to make than the crayons!


3 tbs sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup corn starch
2 cups water


1. Combine ingredients in small saucepan and warm until mixture begins to thicken. They didn’t specify a heat setting, but I kept the burner around a low-medium heat.

2. After the mixture has thickened, remove from heat and allow to cool.

3. Pour mixture into containers and add food coloring to create desired colors. The original pin used baby food jars to store them which is a great idea. I wish I had thought to save a few of those! These little plastic containers worked just as well though.

The only problem with these paints is that they doesn’t last very long. After a week, it started to change consistency and grow mold. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised considering what it’s made of. If you don’t think you’ll use it all within a week, I would cut the batch in half. Otherwise, this was a winner!



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  1. I read about the “tub crayon flop” and am glad to hear that this went much better. Maybe your little man can use this to make a masterpiece on the shower wall?!

  2. I would say to add a note “refrigerate between uses” and see if it improves the hold time.

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