Day 48 – Scrapbook Nails


I usually pass right by all the crazy nail polish pins that I see. I’ve never really been one to wear nail polish. It either chips an hour after I put it on, or I start picking at it. I was intrigued by this pin though. With the help of rubbing alcohol, you are supposed to be able to transfer a printed image to your nail. Sadly, it was not as easy as it sounds.

You will need:

– light color nail polish (white, light pink, cream, pale green, etc)
– rubbing alcohol
– small cup
– digital supplies (laser print or copy)
– nail polish topcoat


1. Find some great papers that you’d like to have on your nails. I found a cute polka dot pattern just by searching on Google. You will probably want to reduce the scale of your paper so that the design will better fit your nails.

2. Print your page. A laser printer was recommended so that’s what I tried. Apparently ink-jet printers don’t work for this.

3. Clip your papers to a size slightly larger than your nails. I cut 15 squares just so I had some extras.

4. Paint your nails with your light colored nail polish. Let nails dry thoroughly.

5. Pour your alcohol into the small cup. It should be deep enough that it can cover your nail fully.

6. Working with one nail at a time, dip your finger into the alcohol for 3-5 seconds. Make sure you completely wet the nail. Immediately press one of the paper squares onto your nail, image side down. Do not move the paper around. Press down hard so that it’s completely adhered. Leave on for approximately 30 seconds and lift to remove. It was more like 2 minutes for me. I also dipped the paper right in the alcohol too because my nail wasn’t wet enough. If you notice that some paper fibers have been left behind, just gently rub them away with a damp finger.


7. Paint a topcoat on your nails to protect them.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? After looking through some of the comments, I realized I wasn’t the only one that was having trouble with this one. A few even said that it takes some practice to really get the hang of the process. I just don’t have time for that. I tried the polka dot pattern on one nail and then I tried newspaper on another. One of the commenters said that worked for her. It definitely worked better than the paper I printed, but it still wasn’t great. Plus, it transfers all the words backwards.

If I loved having fun nails, I probably would have spent more time trying this. Unfortunately, I gave up after two nails.

Has anyone else tried this?

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  2. My mom has done it with newspaper articles and it turned out great. But instead of using the iridescent type polish as the base use anything from light pink(natural) to a light grey.

  3. I don’t dip my fingers, I submerge a cotton ball and then press that to my finger with the paper in between. Hold that for 20-30 seconds and that gets it for me.

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