Day 36 – Frozen Yogurt Bites


Our little man is a huge fan of yogurt. Unfortunately, he’s in the stage where he can’t fully operate a spoon with 100% accuracy (or 50% accuracy for that matter) and he will have nothing to do with us helping him. That makes enjoying his yogurt a little difficult these days. When I saw this pin, I knew it had his name written all over it. This isn’t just for kids though. Everyone in our house enjoyed this one!

Take a container or two of yogurt and pour into a plastic bag.

Snip a hole in one of the corners so you have a handy bag to dispense the yogurt.

Squeeze little drops of yogurt out onto a baking sheet. I made mine about half the size of a Hershey’s Kiss, but you can make them whatever size you would like.

Pop them in the freezer for at least an hour until they are fully set. I used the back of a spatula to remove them from the baking sheet when they were done.

Then you can transfer them to a freezer bag for storage. Or you can just eat them all right away. Either method works!

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  1. Oh! These look tasty!! These will be a great summer treat for me!

  2. Oh how awesome.
    My son with autism will only eat yogurt drops and the Gerber ones cost me a fortune.

  3. Oh wow! This is an awesome idea!!! It’s like dipping dots, but froyo style 🙂

  4. These look delicious, I love yogurt and frozen is even better, thanks for posting I’ll have to try this.

  5. These do look super tasty.. how long do they last out of the freeze though before they turn back into normal yogurt??

    • That will depend on whether you eat them inside or out in the heat. Inside, they last pretty long. Long enough for my little man to eat them before turning to mush. I don’t think they would last long out in the sun though.

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