Day 17 – DIY Dry-Erase Board


I’ve had my eye on this pin for a while. You’ve probably seen it or have it pinned yourself. It’s the DIY dry-erase board.

You need only three things for this project:

– picture frame (any size will do)
– scrapbook paper
– dry erase marker

I still had some dry-erase markers from my days in the brick and mortar classroom and I have plenty of scrapbook paper lying around, so I just needed to find the right frame. AC Moore was having one of their frame sales so I snagged a nice one for $6. I went with an 8×10 frame because that was the perfect size for the wall I wanted to put this on. I think the 12×12 frame that the original post uses is great though if you have the space.

All you need to do is frame your scrapbook paper just as you would frame a picture. That’s it!

The original post shows you how you can turn it into a weekly menu board too. (Those weekly menu boards are all over Pinterest right now!) I wanted to keep mine simple though so I could use it for anything.

What will you use yours for?


Make and Takes – Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board


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  1. I was always curious how well these really erased… might need to try one! I probably won’t do the weekly menu board either… let’s face it… I’m not that organized.

  2. I use my sliding back door windows for my grocery list and use my mirrors for reminders, dry erase markers can be used for everything. The kids love to draw and erase without making a mess of the house or staining the furniture or walls. Easily wipes off.

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