Day 3 – Chalkboard Wine Glasses


As a tribute to my sister on her birthday, (Happy Birthday, Kate!) I will be showcasing the fabulous chalkboard wine glasses that I made for her.


How fun are they?!

I remember seeing a few different variations of this project during my Pinterest travels. I decided to try the method where you actually dip the bottom of the glasses in the chalkboard paint. Genius! Other methods include brushing the paint on or using the chalkboard spray paint. The problem with brushing the paint on is that you usually end up with brush lines. That’s why the dipping method works so well. Be careful of the bubbles though! I suggest stirring the paint before you use it instead of shaking it. Otherwise those bubbles will dry in your paint.

Drying these babies was the biggest challenge, but I wasn’t able to find an easier way to do it than the original blogger did. She tried a few different methods, but eventually found that you have to hold them sideways and let them drip for a few minutes. Then you can set them on parchment paper to let them dry, moving them every hour so they don’t get paint clumps on the bottom. If you find something else that works better, please share!

Make your own using the step by step tutorial on Just Short of Crazy.

You should give them a try. They are super fun. Just don’t put them in the dishwasher!


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  1. I love these! I made them as party favors for my moms birthday. I did the spray paint version, very easy and you can dry them by placing them upside down! 🙂

  2. You know those wineglass racks where you slide the glass in and it hangs? You could use those to dry them.

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