Day 2 – Pushing Puff Balls


Today’s project was for the little man of the house. The idea is that you take an old plastic container, cut some holes in the top, and get some puff balls that they can push through the holes. Easy enough, right? It’s supposed to be good for developing their fine motor skills. I worked on my own fine motor skills cutting the holes in the lid. I realized afterwards that my X-Acto knife would have been a much better choice than the scissors.

I saw this project and knew that it would be a hit with the little man. It involved a few of his favorite things. Container with a lid? Check! Little puff balls that he can throw around when he’s had enough of pushing them through the holes? Check!

I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it…

This was a really quick and easy one. It might not look pretty, but it kept the little man busy for longer than I expected. It’s worth a try if you have a little one at home.

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  1. i like that your son is playing with a dallop, a dallop.

    hahaha you’re singing it now! this is cute!

  2. Our OTs love this idea. As a speech therapist you can get double duty with those puff balls. Good oral motor activity for those speech muscles- blow them across the table. You can put the cup even with the coffee table top and have him blow them across into the cup or you can stand across from each other and have blowing contests.

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