Day 1 – Perpetual Calendar


Let me begin by saying that I have never been as excited about a pin as I was with this one. My sister was the one to spot it so I have to thank her for her sweet pinning skills. When I saw it on one of her boards, I literally got butterflies.

Meet the perpetual calendar.

The idea is that you have an index card for each day of the year. On that day each year, you write about something you did or a memory you would like to keep. Then, you add a new memory each year for the coming years. Let me put it to you this way, do you remember those glorious few months when Facebook would tell you what your status was on that same day last year or two, even three years ago? That’s what this calendar is going to be like!

I can only imagine what this calendar is going to look like 10 years from now. I get butterflies just thinking about it! Yes, I’m a nerd when it comes to stuff like this.

Since I was so pumped about this pin, I did start it on January 1st. And by starting it, I mean that I was recording my daily memories on a paper so that when I put the calendar together I would be able to fill them in later. Today was the day I finally put the calendar together. YAY!

Here is the link to the original post so you can create your own.

I made a few modifications to mine. I used the entire index card instead of cutting them in half. I anticipate using this calendar for years so I’ll need the writing space! I also found a plastic container at Staples that I thought would hold up a little better in the long run.

What do you think? Will you be making your own perpetual calendar?

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  1. Why yes, yes I will! hahaha Great way to preserve memories quickly and efficiently!

  2. I love that you made this… and it looks awesome! It saddens me that I didn’t think to just make notes on paper until I finally got one together… next year!!!

  3. Love this idea!! How exciting to look back years and see the special things that happened on that day!

  4. i love this idea for memories of the kiddos! its amazing how much you forget that you think you will remember

  5. I think I’m going to have to make one of these!

  6. love love love this. is it ok to start it in March? 🙂 ah well

  7. I made one as well and I love it. I cut my note cards down only by a quarter an inch to fit into the container I already had. Some days I have a hard time figuring out what to write down. But I can’t wait until the coming years to see what how my life changes over the years.

  8. I’m curious – do you still use this?! I remember reading this back when you posted it, being inspired to make one, and then never doing it 🙁 Something made me think of this today so I went back to find this post and now I’m curious if you’ve kept it up over the years.

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