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Do you remember how you used to feel the day before your first day of school? You know the feeling. You would take hours to pick out your perfect outfit and then lay awake wondering what the coming year had in store for you. Wait, was that just me? Well, that pretty much sums me up tonight. Except for the search for the perfect outfit that is. Luckily for me, blogging allows me to stick to the comfort of my sweats.

I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon pretty early and watched my boards grow as I spent hours pinning fun and exciting tips and projects that I dreamed of putting to use…one day. Out of nowhere, my pins started taunting me. “When are you going to stop pinning and make something happen?” They had me there. I decided to get to work.

You might be asking yourself, why an entire year of Pinterest? Well, I love a good challenge and I’m slightly crazy. I think that’s a good mix for an undertaking such as this. And what better way to hold myself accountable than to blog about my journey?

You might also be asking, why didn’t she start at the beginning of the year? Yeah, so I’m a little late in my ideas. Better late than never, right? I even picked a leap year to complete this project so you get 366 posts instead of 365. How excited are you?!

I hope you all enjoy following my progress. Who knows, maybe I’ll motivate you to get to work on your pins too!


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  1. Good luck! Pinterest is inspiring. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  2. Excited to follow your journey!! You do realize that this means you can vacation for the next year, right? lol Good Luck.. I have a strong feeling I will be inspired!! xo

  3. I dunno what the heck pinterest is – but I’ll read your blog! 🙂

  4. I’m with you…I need to start putting the pins to use rather than just collecting them in a pretty place in cyber-space:)

  5. My friend Erica just told me about your blog because I am totally addicted to Pinterest! I will be following you,also. I love this idea, good luck. What fun!

  6. Can I just say this is brilliant, I feel the same when pinning beautiful things and so great to read and see what you’ve been making, what is easy and not so. Good luck!

  7. Just found your site. Excited to see some ideas and hope I can get inspired too.

  8. I’m so in love with your blog! This is such a freaking great idea! I, honestly, just looked at every single one of your nearly-300 posts and pinned SO many! LOVE IT! Might have to feature you on my blog b/c you’re so awesome –

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